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What is the closest airport to Anaheim,Califorina

What is the closest airport to Anaheim,Califorina?
I was messing around with Flight Sim and wanted to fly from Ottawa,On,Canada to Anaheim, California,U.S.A I typed in Anaheim on the flight sim databank and got nothing. I use the GPS system and try to follow the pink line on the screen.
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John Wayne Airport. Airport code: SNA
2 :
SNA. You'll get a real workout negotiating the airspace around there, if you really want a challenge.
3 :
Anaheim and Orange County is serviced by John Wayne Airport, located 15 miles away and Los Angeles International (LAX), located 40 miles away.
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John Wayne airport is close and to the south of Anaheim. But Fullerton (KFUL) might be closer and is to the north of Anaheim. KSAN has both commercial as well as general aviation traffic, while KFUL caters to general aviation
5 :
Take heart, Pilgrim. John Wayne Airport will fix yer wagon.
6 :
I'm in Anaheim, use the airports, and I know this answer. If you're in Western Anaheim (over by Buena Park), Long Beach Airport (LGB) is closer. If you're in Eastern Anaheim, John Wayne (or Orange County Airport [SNA]).
7 :
You can go to, click on airports, and look up any destination. In the case of Anaheim, the results are only heliports. However, if you click on a link for the heliport (eg 24CN), and scroll down to the bottom of the page, it gives a list of nearby airports: KFUL - Fullerton Municipal Airport (7 nm W) KSLI - Los Alamitos Army Airfield (11 nm W) KSNA - John Wayne-Orange County Airport (11 nm S) KAJO - Corona Municipal Airport (13 nm E) KCNO - Chino Airport (13 nm NE)
8 :
hope your enjoying flight sim. is it the new one? its the best!!! the closest airport is John Wayne, but not many airlines serve it. I believe Alaska Airlines flies here in their special disney liveries, though. Los Angeles International (KLAX) is also very close, about 90 mins drive from Disney. This is the biggest airport on the West Coast, and you get better approaches and stuff here. Enjoy your flight, next time, try a flight in Australia or Hawaii!!! So much fun

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