Saturday, February 7, 2009

Anaheim to LAX directions early Sunday morning

Anaheim to LAX directions early Sunday morning?
I'm trying to catch a 10am flight out of LAX, coming from Anaheim.I've heard it can be 25mins to 2hrs drive.What is the quickest route ? thank q for helping me out.
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It's about 35 miles to LAX and on Sunday traffic will be light, but give yourself an hour so you don't have to rush when you get there. Take interstate 5 north to the 91 west, (about 20 miles). To the 110-->Los Angeles, (8-10 miles), to Sepulveda Blvd north. Take the ramp onto World Way north toward the departing flights terminal. Have a safe trip.
2 :
I would take the 91 to the 405 and take the 405 north to Century Blvd west into the airport!!!
3 :
Kninewok: I'm guessing there wasn't any flights out of "John Wayne" that met your travel needs. I would follow "Trigger's" recommendation, 5 north, 91 west, 405 north exit Century west.

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