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Liquids on flights out of the US? Help please

Liquids on flights out of the US? Help please (:?
Im on holiday right now in anaheim, and ive bought some sodas and stuff to take home, but was reminded there is restrictions. Im wondering, how much, if any, sodas etc can i leave the country with? In my case of in my hand luggage? Thanks ^_^
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it mostly depends on the air line as to how much. you have to put them in a clear zip lock baggie. go to your airline's website and read their policy
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You can not take soda cans or bottles into your carry-on, but you can put them into your checked baggage. However, be careful on how you pack them because you don't want them to leak onto your clothes. I would recommend wrapping them in a plastic bag.
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Each container of liquids or gels cannot be greater than 100 ml (3.4 ounces). All your liquids and gels must fit into a 1 litre (1 quart) ziplock bag. Each passenger may have one ziplock bag of liquids. The bottle or can of liquids cannot be greater than 100 ml even if there is 100ml or less left. A 355 ml can with 2 drops of liquid is prohibited, while a full 100ml container is allowed. Security WILL confiscate any liquids that don't follow these guidelines. Your best bet is to take an empty bottle past security and fill it with tap water from the washroom.

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