Monday, September 8, 2014

Facing Fate: Sharks Will Stumble Again

Facing Fate: Sharks Will Stumble Again

The three teams to qualify are slam dunks. Los Angeles, Anaheim, and San Jose will finish in that order, one, two, three. The Kings will have a better regular season than either of their Stanley Cup winning years. With a full year out of Marian Gaborik (he ...

Attention turns to racial balance between police forces, communities they serve

In most cases now, underrepresented minority populations in police departments are found in places such as Anaheim, California, West Valley City, Utah, and Providence, Rhode Island, where there are large Hispanic populations, yet few Hispanic officers.

Some police agencies not racially balanced

Some of the least racially or ethnically balanced police departments: —Anaheim, California: More than half the community is Hispanic, yet only 23 percent of the police officers are. Theresa Smith, a member of the Anaheim Community Coalition, which aims ...

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