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Traffic Midday Sunday LAX to Anaheim and return Friday morning

Traffic Midday Sunday LAX to Anaheim and return Friday morning?
I'm attending a conference in Anaheim next week. Flying in Saturday PM and driving to hotel off of Katella in Anaheim. Driving back to LAX Sunday afternoon to pick up colleague and then we both drive back to LAX on Friday morning to catch midday flights. Any traffic tips???
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Tehre is always some congestion. give your self at least two hours to get there.
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I work at LAX, so lets see what I can come up with......Flying in Sat PM....renting a car and driving to Anaheim. You will be taking the 405 to Anaheim, Get off on Harbor Bl and go north. That said....traffic is so unpredicible. It "should" go fine on a Saturday night. Unless there is an accident. Driving back on Sunday afternoon will be more traffic. Mornings are pretty good, but afternoons get busy. Driving into LA on a Friday morning can be a nightmare. Everyone is going to work. Try and get in the carpool lane since there will be two of you. DO NOT cross over the double-double yellow lines to enter or exit a carpool lane. There are "breaks" in the yellow lines that allow cars to enter and exit. So allow extra time on Friday morning. About 2 hours just in case..and you need to arrive 1-2 hours before your flight. You never know how long the security lines will be. Sometimes it takes 5 minutes and other times up to an hour.
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Weekend is OK, but on a week day, especially when you need to catch a flight give yourself 3 hours (if you are very lucky, you'll just be at LAX ahead of time, which is better than to be late.) I drove from Orange County to LAX and back hundreds of times and 90% of the time the traffic was bad.

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