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Becoming a Commercial Airline Pilot

Becoming a Commercial Airline Pilot?
I want to be a Commercial pilot like flying those big planes that take people wherever they wanna go but i dunno exactly how to start? I heard u have to be a certain height and go to flight school or join the Air Force but i dunno what to do or where to start. So if u guys know anything about this carrer i would really really apprciate it like where is a website of FLIGHT SCHOOLS near Anaheim or in Cali.
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This question is asked at least ten times a day. Do a search on it and read some of the other answers. To find a flight school near you, go to this website:
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Go to flight school or join the Air Force, learn from there and start from small charter airlines and eventually earning enough hours, try to join one of the major airlines that has some good aircraft , Emirates has some good planes and still more in order. (Largest customer). Earn your ranks within the airline, pretty soon you can fly one of the long-distance routes, I can guarantee that it can be either the A380 (If it's Emirates) or 777-300ER,or 767 or who knows a 787/ It will take you 10-20 years starting when you are small. But expect the Boeing,be phased out and considered antique 20 years later. Personally,i wanna be a pilot too
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Start here and work your way through all 7 pages of information. Then come back and ask questions. This lays it out pretty thoroughly: This is probably the closest flight school to you at Fullerton Airport. There are dozens of others in the LA area. Here's a list of California flight schools:
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google emory riddle
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flight school
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Well let me say that it is very good that you want to be a pilot since the job pays very well. now if you want to pilot there are a number of steps, I have worked with united for 4 years and I had to work my way up to my first officer rating on the Boeing 757. first you need to have a private pilots rating and then you would have to go through training in fight school which depending on who you would like to work for some airlines like continental have their own flight school. once you get your ratings, you would have to work your way up to certain aircraft. but the AOPA website mike gave you is an excellent place to find flight schools.

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