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road trip from san diego to anaheim.

road trip from san diego to anaheim.?
we want to see the sights along the way, not just highway signs. However, not sure what sights there are to see. Best beachs? Lunch spot? Fun places to stop with kids? Flight lands at noonish in SD. Should we just high tail it to Disney?Thanks smarty Californians! See ya next month!
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1 :
its less than 2 hours, there may be lots to see, but off the freeway, so it would take too much time to be worth it.
2 :
Last year, we took our motorcycle along the coast (instead of the freeway) as much as possible. (You end up on the 5 for a little while, anyway.) It took about 5 hours, but we stopped ALOT!!! You would pass Torrey Pines and various beaches. Or you get on Pacific Coast Highway as soon as you can (also known as Hwy 1) and go through Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, Seal Beach, and Long Beach. Of all of the beaches that I have been to in California, I found Laguna to be the most beautiful (including Malibu)!!!
3 :
well i say u stop in oceanside along the way. off the 5 north take the 78 going to vista or east (same thing) and then get off on jefferson st and make a left, at vista way make a right and then on your right hand side you will see a shopping center (small) with a trader joes, lamps plus ok in the shopping center is the best sushi you will ever eat at the best price I SWEAR!!!!!! make sure you dont stop from 2-5 cuz they are closed but its prices are so reasonable and the food is great. get a cooked salmon roll and a lobster rolll OH SO yummy! im in seattle now and i have never found a place like this the name is SUSHI N JOY you can also cruise along i101 which cruises along oceanside, you can stop in carlsbad and go to moonlight beach its soo nice. also in carlsabd there is the field of flowers and near by is a outlet center with bcbg, banana, gap, and so on. if you go to oceanside you MUST stop at Diego's i swear its the best fast Mexican restaurant ever!!!! hands down. Oh man i miss the food!!!! Also on i101 in o-side there are a bunch of fun shops like the yard house and awesome reggae store and then inner world which is a trip of a store and then right by there is a pier and there are places for bon fires right along the pier. oh yess and down a ways you will also see camp pendleton. if you like paintballing i say take your gun, its pretty fun. oh yesss and the missions along the way. lets see if you take the 76 from the i5 and then take a right at the light and keep driving for ummm 4 miles you will find the sign for san juan capistrano mission. oh so pretty and i think they have started giving their tours and the cementary. its very beautiful. also down i-5 you will see the junipero serra exit. BINGO another mission. there is sooo much to see trust me. i lived in vista so those are the paces i am most familiar with.
4 :
You'll be there soon enough. 2 hours sounds about right. Places to see: Hotel del coronado. (this is not on the way, but it is worth it.) Mission Beach. The Hang glider port near UCSD off Torrey Pines Road. Dowtown Carlsbad. Mission at San Juan Capistrano (the jewel of the missions) Downtown Laguna. The Fun Zone at Newport Beach. Downtown Huntingbeach and the beach. Be sure and try some mexican food while you are there. Ask around for a good mom and pop place. Don't go to big chain, the food is inferior and the prices are outrageous. But try some little family run mexican restaurant and you'll be amazed! Good luck!
5 :
The coast hiway through La Jolla, Del Mar, up through Carlsbad is a nice ride. Longer, of course, but you get to see the water and smell that salt air. Many places to pull over and get sandy also. After that, just hit 5 north and go to Disneyland. Use the HOV lane. You can enter the HOV lane at around Dana Point, I think, and never have to get out of it. There is even a Disney Way left exit to use off the freeway. Enjoy!
6 :
I'd like to mount a campaign to encourage people not to go anywhere. Travel has become so expensive and unpleasant that it's hard to understand why people don't stay home. Why are we crowding our highways and airports to get someplace else? Newspapers and magazines are filled with ads trying to get us to travel. They want us to go somewhere - anywhere but home
7 :
There isn't much. San onofre( I'm not sure I spelled that right) is supposed to be a real nice beach. If you try to go along the coast on the 1 it'lltake forever. Encinitas is beautiful, but thats really close to san diego. Once you get past ocean side and san onofre there wont' be much to see.

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