Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm going to my first concert at thhe house of blues anaheim

I'm going to my first concert at thhe house of blues anaheim?
okay so i'm going to a an cafe concert in april and i'm chalk full of questions and i bet i'll ask a bazillion more after this one.So i live in canada but i'm going over there for spring break and amazingly they were playing at the house of blues about 2 weeks after my spring break so i told my parents and they changed the date of the return flight and i get to go.anyways that's useless info okay moving on i wanted to know about the seating when i bought my tickets it said seats:27-32 or something like that (we bought 5 tickets) and it also says general admission so does that mean that i don't have to get there super early and line up like crazy for seats? also are they selling an cafe merchandise there? Oh and does anyone know where seats 27-38(or whatever it is) is in regards to the stage like is it in the middle side? and how close to the stage? thank you please answer as many as you can ^-^
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well i know nothing about it but my first concert was the jonas brothers

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