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what do you think of my story should it be a comic or novel

what do you think of my story should it be a comic or novel?
This is a story about a woman named Penny Manning A.K.A Mega Woman. It all began on march 17th St.Patrick's day 2051 only it was on another planet called "Uviese" It was is quite a coincidence that a new born baby girl named Meeka was born on St.Patrick's day.As she lay's in a space pod before them; A uvian married couple named Pamkay and Mara look down at their daughter.Meeka's father Pamkay speak's "Hello Meeka my name is Pamkay I am your father" Meeka's mother Mara speak's next "And I am Mara your mother" It came close to when both Pamkay and Mara had to send Meeka to earth. "We are glad and proud to have you here with us Meeka" Mara say's to her."Uviese is no longer safe for you our dear" Then Pamkay say's "So we are sending you to earth". "We will never forget you and we'll alway's love you" Pamkay say's."Goodbye our little Meeka". Mara say's as she lean's against her husband.As they launch their new born baby daughter to earth,The planet Uviese begin's to to split up in two. So she's off to a new home planet; For the moment Meeka is only a baby but as she get's older she will discover her uvian powers which are simular to super man's and super girl's. Only they will be super speed,super hearing,Also super stregnth,invincebility,ice breath,heat ray vision,x-ray vision,super hearing,flight.The power to melt,The power to erase memories, and also the power to heal others, That also include's acid spit as well.Suddenly at 2am on St.Patrick's day, Meeka's space pod crash land's in an abandoned old house in Anaheim california across the street from a married couple named Derek and Heather Manning.A moment later Derek and Heather Manning rush over to check it out "Derek in here" Heather Manning call's out to her husband.. Derek Manning rush's to his wife and then, Derek and Heather Manning look down at the space pod; The crashland was so powerful,It knocked the whole house down.There were buttons on the side of Meeka's space pod,Heather press's one of them and then a mass of steam came out.After the steam was cleared up,Derek and Heather Manning see a new born baby girl in side."Look baby she came with a bottle with the formula inside" Heather say's to Derek and so they took the baby and the bottle back to their house."White skin,blue eyes light blonde hair" Derek say's.They also knowtest she had a platinum necklace on with a crystal ball replicant of the planet Uviese the size of a marble.Mean while as Derek call's the adoption company, Heather sit's down with the baby girl in her arms as she gives her formula.Derek Manning is the lead singer of a gospel band called "Potion soda" In the same band,His wife Heather is the rapper. At 3:30am The married couple head to bed as soon as the new born baby girl fell asleep.Later on that day the married couple became Meeka's new adoptive parents."What do you thing we should name her" Derek ask's and then Heather say's "how about Penny which is after your mother" Derek say's "Penny it is" The married couple named her after Derek's mother.After being found by Derek and Heather Manning, It was time for Penny to have her 1st birthday party; The whole family is invited.It was all sat up and everybody was ready to party.After the party and after everybody left,Penny soon discovered her 1st 2 powers before all her others.It first started off with Heather and Derek struggling to lift up the space pod Penny crash landed in.Heather grab's a wheely and Derek grab's another and with all they have,They lift but they bearly could and then the two of them see that they had an extra boost.They looked to she what it was and there she was it was Penny holding up the other end of her space pod. After lifting up her space pod, she suddenly zoomed backe home and tossed her space pod to the back yard.It was her first birthday and Penny Manning discovered her super stregnth and her super speed.Her parents were in shock as they watch Penny practice controling her powers.A year passed by and it was that time. Penny had turned 2 and at age 2 she learned how to climb on top of things.Suddenly she fell off the kitchen counter "Bang" Derek and Heather rush into the kitchen and see Penny laying down on the floor giggling.Heather pick's Penny up and giver's her to Derek "Father and daughter time babes" she say's so Derek put's her into the high chair.Penny left quite a small whole.So her last 2 years as a baby went pretty well for her.She fitted right in with others in kinder gaurden.Penny soon graduated from kinder gaurden and so she was now inrolled into grade school.Derek and Heather inrolled Penny into elementary.She is seven years old in the 1st grade,She look's around at everybody's backpacks; suddenly she saw into one and as she did, she blinked in shock.Penny look's again and carefully, she concentrate's and then she look's at all the back packs and saw what was inside them all. It was her x-ray vision that was discovered. She know's better than to show off her powers in school.She w i didn't get to copy and paste the whole story so far but it's really great.. i need help ending it.. penny's in the 7th grade and i don't know what to write next i fixed it i got rid of the memory erasing thing and what not and if you want to read the whole story i'll email it to you so it'll be easier to read.
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dude put some paragraphs on it. it's hard to read. so far she's like superman? and the power to erase memories is rather a curse (like alzheimer) regards.

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