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Traveling from NYC to LA and Las Vegas - In Which Order Should We Visit

Traveling from NYC to LA and Las Vegas - In Which Order Should We Visit?
I will be vacationing in late August with three friends, we would be coming from New York City and want to go to Las Vegas for a few days and also Anaheim/Disneyland for a few days. I was wondering, would it be better (cheaper) to fly first from NYC to LA for a few days, and then take the short flight to Vegas from LA (staying at a moderate hotel), returning to NYC from Vegas? Or would it be better to go to Vegas first from NYC, and then to LA/Disneyland? I was thinking of spending 4 nights in LA/Disneyland and 3 nights in Vegas. Two of my friends have never been to Vegas, but are not gamblers or partyers, so we will mainly be seeing sights and Hotels in Vegas. How many days are needed to see Disneyland and hit all the major rides? What else is around the Anaheim area? Would we be able to visit SIx Flags as well?
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It is 6 of one and half a dozen of the other. The suggestion I might have is to not fly between them, but drive. You have no use for a car in Las Vegas so.. Fly to Vegas first. Spend 2 nights rent a car drive to disney play by ear if you have time to visit other than disney. Fly home from LAX. or Orange County which is closer. Or fly do a car...drop car upon arrival in las vegas The airfare would be the same and time would be the same regardless of which you did first.
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The better flight is of course from JFK-LAX bc there is never ever a change of aircraft and you will receive the little that remains of the legacy carriers formerly great transcontinental service. works Then I would rent a car bc you will need on in LA and contrary to what the above poster said you will need one in Las Vegas also . Sure if you if you plan on living in your hotel you don't need one ,But if you plan on getting out and around a car is nice and it will also allow access to some of the the less expensive motels. I just discovered that if you p/u a car at LAX and drop it off at LAS it's actually $100.00 cheaper than than picking it up and returning it to LAX -that usually doesn't happen -HERTZ- Then fly LAS- LAX -JFK or LAS -SFO-JFK both are standard UAL routing's and ones that I have flown dozens of times. DO NOT drive from LA to Vegas in daylight wait until the sun goes down. Halfway between Barstow &Las Vegas is the town of Baker CA and there is a great hamburger stand run by a bunch of Greeks that seem to have gotten lost when they left Astoria. They serve great burgers, gyro's , souvlaki, Greek salads ..... Rather than buy the fast food junk available in Barstow wait the 60 miles or so until you reach Baker. One more thing: You need to resist the urge to do triple digits when driving across the Mojave, CHiP's will not be happy if you do. Have fun

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