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Budget hotel info in Anaheim near Convention Center

Budget hotel info in Anaheim near Convention Center?
I'm attending a convention in June at the Anaheim Convention Center. Other than a small stipend, this will be an unfunded association meeting lasting a week. I already have the flight locked down with frequent flier miles. Now I need a decent place to stay. I've never attended a meeting in Anaheim. Been to Disneyland several times, but stayed inside the park. Any recomemendations from the locals or fellow road warriors? We have a corporate account with Crossland (Extended Stay). Their directory doesn't show anything in the area. Would like something in that price point level. Thanks I can find all kinds of hotel info on the net and read a lot reviews, but sometimes they only tell half the story. I would like an objective view of things. PLEASE READ BEFORE RESPONDING: Although I appreciate the URL's for various search engines, I have access to the same ones. What I want and need is someone "on the ground", "in the neighborhood", "on the road" who has had hands on experience in and around the convention center. After dark is it a safe place to be? This kind of info you can't find on a search engine, or at least definitive information. Thanks
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There is a Budget and Motel 6
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About the budget mark for Anaheim is approximately $55 - have a look through this directory and compare the options by sorting the prices and star ratings. I noticed a 4 star hotel had better prices than some 3 star ones.
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Hello, for accommodation in Anaheim check out also at You can also find ratings and reviews from guests that are extremely helpful to decide for the best suitable hotel.
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I have stayed at the Econolodge on N. Harbor Blvd near Ball road in Anaheim and it was fairly nice for about $44 It is about 1 mile from the convention center. FYI the OCTA bus #43 stops in front and can take you to the convention center area for about a dollar each way as well.

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