Saturday, March 21, 2009

i want to come anaheim from india, what will be nearest airport

i want to come anaheim from india, what will be nearest airport?
what will be nearest international airport if am boarding the flight from india to los angeles to go to the city name anaheim
Los Angeles - 4 Answers
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You could probably get better fares into Los Angeles (LAX), but Orange County has John Wayne airport (SNA), which is closer to Anaheim.
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There are three viable options: Long Beach, CA; Los Angeles, CA; and John Wayne Airport. Check all three. Los Angeles (LAX) is the big international airport so you may get the best fares there, but John Wayne will be the closest (however you may have to do more connections to get there because it's small). Long Beach is also small, but different airlines fly in into that airport. Any of those three are good options so just pick whichever is the cheapest and makes the most sense for a short flight.
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LAX will be the easiest to fly into, its about 45 min from anaheim John wayne is the closest to anaheim but its a very small airport i doubt it does international flights

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