Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Seattle - SF / Anaheim

Seattle - SF / Anaheim?
We are a family of four traveling from Seattle to California for the spring break. We will visit San Francisco and Anaheim. What do you think is the best idea to travel? Road trip? Flight? Amtrak? And why? Thanks ^^ Anyone tried Amtrak? How was it?
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I'd say you fly out if you have the funds. More time to spend vacationing. Plus with high gas prices, you might as well spend it all on the flight. One good thing about a road trip, especially between SF and Anaheim, is you get to drive by all the wineries. All in all, fly.
2 :
Yes, I agree with flying, It costs $99.00 each way per person plus tax via Southwest Airlines. Its quickest way. Road Trips could be fun, I-5 can get boring when traveling thru Orgegon, and Norhern California though, I would recommend making several stops and swithcing drivers every couple of hours just to be safe. You could make a stop by Sac. to visit the California Capitol and in San Fransico there is the famous Tech Mususem.
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When ever I have a question like this I go to a travel website (orbitz,expedia,travelocity) they plan out all the different possible ways of getting their (car,train,air). Hope this helped and have fun on your trip!!!
4 :
Fly, you will be there in less than an hour. Then fly From S F to John Wayne air port, its close to Disneyland. If you take Amtrac you could spend half your vacation on the derned train. By car is scenic in April but you will use app. 2 days coming and going back. Done all 3 many times, never ever will we go on Amtrac again.

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