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What would be the toughest back to back road games for a team this season

What would be the toughest back to back road games for a team this season?
Earlier this season, the Detroit Redwings had to go face Anaheim at the Pond and then fly up right after the game to face the Sharks at the Tank. This coming Friday, i believe the Dallas Stars will be facing this situation as well. This back to back tilt on the road seems like a pretty brutal 2 days of hockey for any team. The flight is about an hour though but still, 2 solid physical teams in 2 nights is tough. Are there other tough back to back matchups out there in the schedules for other NHL teams this year?
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I was going to say those two team. Not sure I would like to do a Devils, Rangers back to back. No real traveling, but two good teams. I would also throw in any team that plays the Red Wings after having a game the night before is a hard one
2 :
That is a tough one, sometimes the tough back to backs can be when you have a road game one night followed by a home game the next when your opponent has been sitting waiting for you. This is not the worst one in the league but probably the Habs worst one, Feb 27 they are in Philly and then at home on Feb 28 to face the sharks. The Sharks play on the 26th in Ottawa so they will have been in Mtl a full day waiting for the habs to get back from Philly. Philly will have softened them up.
3 :
@ Calgary and @ Edmonton.. Honorable mention; @ Philadelphia and @N.Y Islanders
4 :
At calgary and then at edmonton. Tough, hard hitting Flames one night and the fast skating Oilers the next night - brutal.
5 :
Hi I heard going Atlanta then to Tampa can be pretty rough on you. Thank You
6 :
Any trip out west to play the Oilers, the the Flames, then the Canucks. That's three, but tough for sure.
7 :
Any leaf back to back road game. My lord, I think they should apologize to the NHL for attempting to play at that level.
8 :
The Oilers are on a pretty tough one now...... Philadelphia (This past Sunday...they won 5-4) Columbus (Tonight) Pittsburgh (Tomorrow) New Jersey (Sunday) NYR (Monday)
9 :
detroit and detroit.
10 :
For the Islanders they have NJ and Buffalo back to back, a day off, then Montreal on the road this month. They also have a brutal 6 game trip in March, including Montreal, then a day off, followed by back to back at Boston and Chicago.
11 :
If a team has to face San Jose one night, and then Detroit the next, that would be tough...Or vise versa
12 :
Not only is it tough for the any team to face the Ducks and the Sharks back-to-back, but the Red Wings have to do it with a three-hour time difference. I think that the fact that the face-off happens at 10 PM (eastern time) for the Wings makes it a lot more difficult than what teams in the Eastern conference have to face.
13 :
For the Sabres, their toughest back to back games comes at the end of this month... They face the pens at home and then go on to play the habs in montreal. As far as your question is concerned... In January they only play 3 home games. The first string of back to back away games comes after playing in detroit. Two days later they battle Blackhawks, then Stars consecutively. Later that month, another tough one, consecutive away games vs oilers than flames. I wouldn't be surprised if the Sabres have a terrible record for this month. The only other back to back away games is leafs than canes in april, which shouldn't be too tough for the sabres.
14 :
I would have to say Detroit then Buffalo, who could argue that one?

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