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Can someone familiar with LAX and LA in general help

Can someone familiar with LAX and LA in general help?
We are coming to LA in March (From Australia) Our flight home doesn't leave until 10.35pm but we have to check out of the hotel at 10am. My question is are we able to checkout, go to the airport and check our bags in or would it be too early? (We are staying at Disneyland while in the US and transfers are included from LAX to Anaheim and back again when we leave) Also what transport would be available from the airport to take us back into LA to kill time before our flight leaves? And how much would it cost? Can you do a lot of sight seeing on foot in LA or do you need transportation to get to a lot of places? What's the weather like there in March? Thanks in advance!
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I'm a 50-something year resident of Los Angeles. First advice, use an airport, door-to-door shuttle from LAX to Disneyland when you get off the plane. Here's one suggestion (there are others - just type in on your internet search engine "LAX shuttle to Disneyland or Anaheim": And, use it both coming and going from L.A. The shuttles will tell you what time they want to pick you up from Disneyland to get you to LAX so just take their advice on that question (they'll probably want to pick you about 6:00 a.m. for a 10:00 a.m. LAX flight). It's probably going to cost you about $200 total for two roundtrip to use a door-to-door shuttle. But well worth it. Safe, less stress, and very reliable. Okay, getting around So-Cal... We're getting really good with our train system here. There's a train station in Anaheim (it's out in the parking lot of Angels Stadium (major league baseball team) and you can get all over So-Cal using the trains. So, maybe take a taxi from Disneyland and have them drop you off at the train. Take the train into L.A.Union Station and there's stuff to do around there, but in the train station, there's another train (subway) called the Red Line. That stops all over L.A. and Hollywood and out to even Universal Studios. And, from that Angels Stadium station, you could even take an Amtrak train down to San Diego. That is a really beautiful sight seeing town. If you go to San Diego, find out about the Amphibious bus that starts on land and then into the bay. San Diego has a huge zoo and wild animal park. Museums, ships, and beautiful weather! Love San Diego. If you have the time, you could always take the Amtrak train from Anaheim to San Francisco. The website for Amtrak is Okay, weather for March here is unpredictable. We could be having a heat wave with temps over 80 or we could be in the 50's with rain. Layer your outfits and have a plan for rain. Well, I hope you enjoy your trip. There's a lot to see and do here in So-Cal. Good luck. Post again if you have other questions.
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Yes, you are allowed to check in to a flight up to 24 hours before the departure time. You also are allowed to check your bags in at LAX and leave the airport and come back again when it is time. I know that Disneyland has a shuttle service for you to use to get there and from the airport. If traveling from here to there is a problem I would suggest taking the LAX shuttle which leaves every thirty minutes from LAX, to where you are going. The price of the LAX shuttle is $17.00 per person I believe. When you get to LAX, and all of your baggage is checked in, you will see that there are MANY different shuttle companies available to choose from, the cheapest by far is the Los Angeles Metro Transit Public Transportation, which is cheap but not very reliable for times sake. Where do you plan on going? Downtown LA? Shopping? Dinner? In Los Angeles there are many area's to shop at. If touring is your number one thing to do, I would suggest you look into either the Hollywood Walk of Fame (a free, fun alternative) or look into Downtown Los Angeles. The thing about LA is that it is very spread out. So as in most citites where you could take a bus and do a bunch of things, in LA, you are dropped off and can do one thing. If you're into the stars of Hollywood, I would suggest walking the walk of fame. Overall the weather is sunny year round, March however is one of the cooler months. Look into seeing downtown LA, and look into the Hollywood walk of fame. Have a good time visiting, and hopefully this answered you well. (:
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Danni, this is VERY common at hotels around Disneyland. All of the "Good Neighbor" hotels around the resort offer the service mentioned already: Holding your bags, presumably while you are visiting the park one last time. Contact your hotel to see if tney offer it. If not, maybe you should change your hotel. If you opt for storing your bags at LAX, the airline might let you check in early, but you should call. If not, then there is a service that stores baggage: Prices depend on the siz and number of bags. If you want to go to LA for sightseeing, take the "Flyaway" bus to Union Station. Cost is $7. You can do some limited sightseeing, especially if you take the Red Line Subway: -Union Station: Olvera Street, Phillippe's for a beef sandwich, Chinatown -7th Street/Metro: Staples Center, LA Live/Nokia Theater, The Pantry, Grammy Museum, ESPN Zone -Hollywood & Highland: H&H Complex, Kodak Theater, Chinese Theater, Walk of Fame, El Capitan Theater -Universal City: Universal Studios and City Walk Cost is $1.50 per ride, or get a day pass for $6. Weather is very mild in March. Average high is 73, average low is 59.

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