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how to get to La Guardia airport from Ridgewood Queens

how to get to La Guardia airport from Ridgewood Queens ?
ok so im going with my friends(there will be 5 of us) to Los Angeles and Anaheim ( which is in OC to disneyland) for spring break we have a flight on april 9th( and we are coming back on the 17th of april) from LGA here in NYC how can we get ot the airport from RIdgewood ??? there are 2 trains running here the L train and the M train or how much would a cab cost to get there?? we have a flight at noon
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What part of Ridgewood are you going? You need to make you question more specific in order of us to helpful. Drop me a line by clicking on the avatar and e-mail icon in the profile. I'll be glad to help you with travel directions from LGA to Ridgewood. Good luck
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A local Ridgewood cab will charge you $25-$30 (outside pick-up) A yellow cab anywhere from $20 to $25 You can go by train but LGA doesn't have any train close by, you have to take a bus to 74th St and from there take 3 trains. A taxi is the answer. You can arrange a pick-up with a local Ridgewood base and it will work-out much better. Fenix Car Service (718)821-2121 or Song Car Service (718)821-4444. They will not overcharge you since they are a Ridgewood base. I think you can upgrade to a SUV or minivan for $30-$35 but call them and ask them, when you call them don't act like a tourist act like a NewYorker: This is your question: Listen how much is it for you guys to pick me up from LGA and take me back to Ridgewood, I'll be waiting outside?? Good luck, and enjoy NYC

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