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When you fly to disneyland what airport do you arrive at

When you fly to disneyland what airport do you arrive at?
I'm looking to check on flight prices but don't know what airports are in or near anaheim. Which one is the closest to Disneyland? Do any offer free shuttle to and from Disneyland?
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the Anaheim airport would be the closest and you would have to check with your hotel to see if they offer shuttle service. the airport would not.
2 :
John Wayne airport is closest to disney land but LAX and long beach airport are also close.
3 :
I usually fly into LAX and there are four or five shuttle companies that will take you straight to your hotel. But if you can find a flight it's cheaper to fly into John Wayne airport.
4 :
You can fly into Los Angeles, CA LAX and that is a 37 minute drive to Disneyland. Or, you can fly into Orange County SNA and that is a 17 minute drive.
5 :
Anaheim. You just look at the big wall thing with numbers and stuff and call the shuttle.
6 :
John Wayne Airport (SNA) in Orange County is 16 mi. from Disneyland, LAX is 35 miles away. There is a Disneyland Resort Shuttle that costs $14 each way. http://www.toandfromtheairport.com/orange-county.html
7 :
Fly into sna or long beach. Lax is too far and crowded.
8 :
Fly into LAX and there is a shuttle bus to Disneyland hotels. We did it 2 years ago. Have fun.....
9 :
Orange County Airport (John Wayne) in Santa Ana Long Beach Airport Los Angeles Airport or Ontario Airport There is no airport in Anaheim.
10 :
There is LAX which is the cheapest to fly into and they have Southern California Grey Line which is what they refer to as the Disneyland Express and when you book this online through them it is $28.00 round trip and $21.00 for a child. There is also John Wayne Airport which is SNA which is more expensive to fly into but because it is closer to Disneyland Resort is cheaper to get the Disneyland Express through which would be $23.00 round trip and $14.00 for a child mind you this is the price if you book it online through them if you don't it goes up by $2.00 for each price above here is there web-site http://graylineanaheim.com/airport_info.shtml We use them all the time. There is also super shuttle which is a Van and cost more here is there website http://www.supershuttle.com/ Airport and Distance from Disneyland John Wayne Airport 12 miles to Disneyland Los Angeles International Airport 35 miles to Disneyland Long Beach Municipal Airport 18 miles to Disneyland Ontario Airport 32 miles to Disneyland Burbank Airport 38 miles to Disneyland Also if you book a package through Disneyland.com you can chose Air and ground transportation through them and it is cheaper then trying to look everywhere for info plus you can make payment's when you book a package through them and all the info is in one place. Hope this helps you
11 :
John Wayne (SNA) in Santa Ana, Orange County airport is the closest to Anaheim. It is about 15 minutes away. It is a small airport though and not all flights go here. It is usually a little more expensive too...OR your flight stops at LAX on the way to John Wayne. LAX (Los Angeles) is about 45 minutes away depending on traffic. Ontario airport is about 30 minutes depending on traffic.

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